Bridges Community School

Remember Our Lifeskills:
Caring, Common Sense, Cooperation, Courage, Curiosity, Effort, Flexibility, Friendship, Initiative, Integrity, Organization, Patience, Perseverance, Pride, Problem Solving, Resourcefulness, Responsibility, Sense of Humor!

Our Mission:
Bridges Community School's mission is to provide an innovative educational choice for K-6 grade students and families that promotes and nurtures lifelong-learning and engaged citizenship in a safe and supportive environment.

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Bridges Prepares for the Future

Thanks to the passed referendum last fall, Bridges Community School will have the opportunity to grow. Bridges Community School is preparing to Garfield in the 2016-7 school year. The first step is to align Bridges as a K-5 elementary school.

Changes for next year include eliminating sixth grade (due to low class numbers for the 2014-5 school year) and adding a second kindergarten to meet the many requests received each year.

It is with the support of Bridges families, dedication of a strong staff and the collaborative work of the Site Council that Bridges is able to look forward to a future of growth with the focus on preparing students for success.


Bridges Drop Off/Pick UP Map

Thanks to Rick Sartell for making the Drop Off/Pick Up map now available by clicking on the link below.  Please be mindful of the designated drop off and pick up sites as well as appropriate parking spots.

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